Julia Belkina

She is a PR & Communications expert with more than 10 years of experience working in the industry. Throughout the years she has helped build brands to a variety of different companies and co-founded Communications & Recruitment agency Findanode. She acknowledges and appreciates the values and positive educational benefits that Ecole Jules Verne de Riga provides, and it is her goal to make sure that the rest of the world learns about them too. She believes that she can help the school to improve its internal and external communication and wants to ensure these positive changes happens. She has one child in CM1.

Laura Gatavs

She has been involved in the Ecole Jules Verne school matters already since her kids started to attend the school in 2009. She has been part of the Board during the challenging process when the school was registered within Latvian authorities and as well when school received its first French accreditation by AEFE. Therefore, she already has thorough knowledge of both French and Latvian systems. She is a legal professional with extensive local and international experience –both in Latvia and abroad. This has helped her to cope with legal challenges from different legal systems. She works on the stability of the classes of the collège(primary school/pamatskola, classes 5-9) and proper development and accrediationof lycée by both French and Latvian system (secondary school/vidusskola, classes 10-12).

Anta Praņēviča

She is survey team leader and board member at Fontes Vadības Konsultācijas. She manages consulting projects about compensation system and policy development, internal communication, strategy development and others related with organization structure, function and process development. She helps improving the internal process within the school. She has two kids in grande section and CP. She is also a member at the parents council.

Gunda Sproge

Her daughter is in petite section and four of her niece and nephews are also at the school. It’s easy to recognize that positive and effective communication is at the heart of any great organization and community. She believes that this is best accomplished through constituting an environment of collaborative relationships of all those involved (students, parents, teachers, management, others…) where all parties are welcomed to participate effectively communicating in a timely manner and in an atmosphere of trust. Her expertise in communication, strategy and management will help to create a shared vision not just for a sustained record of a high performing academic achievement, but also by establishing a rigorous culture of transparent process of accountability and pride in a school spirit.