Part of the only worldwide network of accredited French schools AEFE (522 schools and 370 000 students in 139 countries)

The only school in Latvia operating within the French education system

Recognized by both Latvian and French governments

High-quality education from pre-school (age 2) to high school

Preparation for BAC—a renowned academic qualification that French students are required to take to graduate high school

Gateway to acclaimed universities all over the world

Focus on multilingualism: possibility to learn French, English, Latvian, Russian, Spanish, and German from native speaking teachers

French language and culture learning in small classes

Latvian language and culture classes in accordance with the Latvian legislation requirements

Extracurricular activities in school: music, art, chess, dance, sports, Russian and English languages

Cultural trips and visits to museums, theatres, and opera

Healthy and nutritious food