Sports activities for children

At sports club we will take a look at team sports like: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball and others, as well as at individual sports – athletics, tennis, badminton, etc.

Children will be provided with an appropriate age-appropriate load. Great attention will be paid to the development of the child’s general physical fitness. Many of the exercises planned for the sport include the ability to react quickly and choose the best option, these are designed to strengthen the child’s self-confidence and ability to react quickly to everyday situations. Children will spend the sports hours in a positive atmosphere to feel a little tired after the sports lesson but pleased with what they have done.

Club will be led by Dāvids Gailītis, sports teacher. 

Swimming (currently suspended)

In cooperation with Elektrum Olympic Center children will have the possibility to learn to swim.  Lessons will take place on Wednesdays under the direction of a qualified swimming coach at Elektrum Olympic Center’s swimming pool (Grostonas Street 6b). Children will also be accompanied by some staff members of our school who will look after children and help them in case of need. Children will be taken to the pool and back to the school by bus.

Maximum number of children per group: 15.


Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing provides social, physical and emotional benefits. Children will learn basic dance steps and develop coordination, balance, strength and flexibility.

Ballroom dance club is led by professional ballroom instructor and judge of international ballroom dancing classes Juris Arājs.

This club is open to children from 6 to 9 (CP – CE2) twice a week.



Chess is one of the most exciting board games. Chess game develops logical thinking. Children’s chess is a great way to develop analytical thinking, memory and attention. Chess not only positively affects children’s mathematical abilities but disciplines the child as well. The game teaches kids to follow their thoughts, develop strategies, plan one step forward and stick to their goal.

Club is led by Aivars Kazoks who has a Category C trainer certificate.

Chess club is offered starting from CP class (children aged 6 and up).



“TECH WIZARD novice” Explore, play, learn!

For kids aged 3 – 5:

  • Development of creative thinking
  • Cause and effect
  • Contemplate results
  • Test self-made mechanisms by changing factors
  • From 2D drawing to physical 3D environment
  • Demonstration of achieved result
  • Realization of generated ideas
  • Strengthen, upgrade knowledge which is achieved during formal preschool education.



Acquiring motor skills is just one part of children’s development. Mastering both fine and gross motor skills are important for developing children’s intellectual skills and building independence. Having good motor control helps children explore the world around them and also helps with their cognitive development.

The handicrafts club includes various types of handicrafts (weaving, embroidery, collage, knitting, knitting, etc.) made of different textiles (yarn, thread, straw, bamboo sticks, buttons, beads, etc.).

Goal of the club – to give children the opportunity to express creativity by using different textiles. 

The club will be led by Velga Lukaza.


  • Develop a creative and free expression,
  • Stimulate an individual thinking about arts,
  • Promote understanding of colors, material composition, give children the possibility to experience freely.

This club is open to children from MS to CM1.



The Song and Dance Celebrations are a unique integral part of the Latvian national identity and Latvian cultural traditions. The tradition and symbolism of these Celebrations in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania are recognized internationally and inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The choir is brought into the club’s program to provide an opportunity for children of our school to participate in this national tradition. 

The club will be taught by the internationally acknowledged opera singer Perrine Madoeuf.

Initiation to music

This club offers a discovery of music through different instruments and musical universes. Children will learn to differentiate different instruments and start to read a score through various play activities. The club will be led by Théo GRIMBERT, our animator, passionate about music, who has been playing music since he was 6 years old, he knows how to play the guitar, the trumpet, the piano.


Shadow Theatre

During Shadow Theatre workshops the children will discover the history of this unique and spectacular art form. They will learn how to portray different silhouettes using hands, body and objects. They will craft shadow puppets and decorations. They will create their own stories and by using creativity and fantasy they will make performances in the magical world of Shadow theatre!

The club is led by Karina Falkenstein, artist, theatre pedagogue and fairytale therapist. Karina organizes social and art projects, makes performances, workshops, writes stories and fairytales for children and adults. 

Age groups : 4-5 years.

Magic Puppet Theatre

During Magic Puppet Theatre workshops the children will discover how to make different types of puppets, from paper puppets to the flying marionettes! They will learn how to make a theatrical performance and how to create decorations for theatrical play. They will create their own stories and learn how to use music and sounds in theatrical show. All together they will make performances and spend time in the world of creativity and magic! 

The club is led by Karina Falkenstein, artist, theatre pedagogue and fairytale therapist. Karina organizes social and art projects, makes performances, workshops, writes stories and fairytales for children and adults. 

Age group : 4-6 years


English for preschool

This year we offer to the pupils of preschool age to learn English language in a joyful way! Our partner, “Rīgas 1. valodu skola”, has created a unique English teaching program for young children, which is based on 18 modules-fairy tales and allows children to acquire everyday English communication skills with joy and ease. 

The English for Preschool Club takes place 2 times per week at our school.

One lesson lasts 25 minutes, there are approximately 7 lessons per month. 

Based on a unique 3-year curriculum – 18 fairy tales or modules that help a pre-school child to learn a foreign language with pleasure, easily and quickly. 



In addition: online training materials are included to continue learning at home:

The small presentation of the lessons here below:

For more information:

Preparation for Cambridge exams

This school year, we offer to our students to prepare themselves for the different Cambridge exams which validate levels from A1 to C1 according to the European language framework.  

The club will prepare children from CE2 to high school and depending on their level, the teacher will be able to tell them which exams they can take.

We believe that alongside learning French, English is just as important. This is why it is important to work on these certificates because they validate their English levels throughout their learning and moreover, they have no validity period unlike others (IELTS, TOEFL). The exams will be prepared with Eric Espenon. 

Official Cambridge website:

Program: listening comprehension / written comprehension / oral expression / written expression.


We offer the Russian language club for pupils from CP to CM class (from 6 up to 10 years old) with different language level. The native speakers are following the program of Russian language program depending on their age. The beginners of different ages are learning to write, speak and read in Russian. 

Russian language club’s teacher is Zanna Mironova.   


Latvian mathematics club

The Latvian Mathematics Club is intended for pupils with a high level of proficiency in Latvian.

In the form activities, Rūta Kodoliņa, our teacher will offer the pupils a programme exploring the different notions.

Mindfulness for children (currently suspended)

“Creative workshop of mindfulness”

Mindfulness and attentive attitude towards what is happening around and inside us are the foundation not only for emotional intelligence, but also for the ability to manage our attention and focus. We often ask our children to ̄pay attention, to be observant and patient, because it is so important! The ability to focus one’s attention is essential to be successful in school and later in adult life. However, did we ever explain how to do that? How to be patient, careful, perceptive, mindful? How to “train” their attention, how not to wander away in their thoughts, how to be fully present even in a loud and impatient world around us? Did we give any tools or methods to allow our kids to stay focused in stress and emotionally difficult situations?

Purpose: to develop the skills for the children to be mindful, the ability to emotionally self-regulate, empathy and resilience to stress, and managing their attention. To do it in a creative and exciting way.

Main tasks of the program:

Learn and use mindfulness exercises and practices, as tools for life to improve children’s ability to focus, manage their attention, and deepen their connection with themselves and others. Learn about emotions and how they reflect in the body, and the difference between emotions and reaction to it. Learn about ways to cope with strong emotions and stress. Experience mindful listening and watching. Learn about breathing and how to use it in attention management and stress reduction. Practice spotting their thoughts and getting to know them. Improve their ability to feel and experience their body better. 

Program teachers:

– Ivo Strante, “Klusuma Skola” teacher, “Mindful Schools” (US) mindfulness teacher, certified contemplation teacher “VIA Integralis”,

– Inese Strante, teacher of “Klusuma Skola”,  Montesori teacher, member of the Contemplation Teacher Program, VIA Integralis.